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Bingo is said to be one of the most popular and the most familiar game according to the reviews conducted to adjudge the best among the online bingo games. Ask anyone and you would definitely receive an affirmative note about BINGO. Bingo is a simple game of chance played using a bingo card. Bingo is not a game that has to be necessarily played in casino. There are many non-casino arenas where Bingo is played frantically. Right from home parties to church fund raisers to any friendly get-together; Bingo is one game that suits all occasions and all people.

To add on to awe factor of Bingo, there are many versions and variations of this ever-interesting game. Bingo being played across the world, there are different versions that have become favorite among distinctive regions. Lets see a few of them here.

Bingo U-Pick ‘Em : This is more or less similar to lotto and follows the concept of allowing the player to pick his number. This bingo game also resembles the Chinese game Keno. But it still remains to be a very popular variation of bingo types.

Bingo Bonanza : This game starts with 43 numbers that are already drawn unlike the normal game where each and every ball is picked separately. After calling out all the 43 numbers and still if no one gets a Bingo, the next set of numbers will be called out. Each time a set of 43 numbers gets over without a Bingo, the jackpot amount increases and this increases the thrill of the game too.

Horse Race Bingo : In this type there are 15 players who are assigned numbers from 1-15 that will relate to the top row of their own bingo cards. When a player hits all the five matching numbers that is assigned to him, he will be declared the winner of the game.

Death Bingo : Relax! This is not so dreadful as it sounds. It is just played in an entirely reverse manner when compared to the traditional Bingo. Unlike the traditional Bingo where the player who gets his Bingo first is declared the winner, here the Bingo gets eliminated. Ultimately the player with the card with most unmarked spaces is declared the winner of the game.

Mini Bingo : This is a bingo type that is also known as quick bingo since it contains just 30 balls. It is played on a 9*3 matrix bingo card. This game is extensively popular due to the shorter duration the game takes to complete. So ultimately this leads to more number of winners in a short span of time.

Electronic Bingo : Electronic Bingos are more similar to that of Facebook Bingo except that the electronic bingo doesn’t have the power up options that boosts the players. Electronic bingos are just the simple and traditional bingos played online.

Facebook Bingo

Facebook has embraced and connected all the online and mobile games to it. A player gets to link most of his games to Facebook account and play with the same account. Playing Facebook Bingo brings out the real fun factor; it has various types and stages where a player progresses through the stages. The player is also offered the opportunity to purchase power ups that are available in the Facebook platform. However this usually comes with a cost attached but people don’t mind to spend some money to go ahead of others in the Bingo game.

90-ball Bingo

This is the oldest form of bingo and in fact the first type of bingo that was played when the game of Bingo actually emerged. This is still the favorite and the most popular bingo type played in the UK. It is played with a bingo card containing 6 strips with 15 numbers spread over 3 boxes with 5 numbers in each row. This game contains 90 balls numbered from 1-90. The player starts crossing the numbers called and one who gets the first Bingo wins the game.


This is a bingo type that is closely associated and often called as a full house bingo. In US it is colloquially called “blackout”. In this game it is required that a player crosses out the entire boxes of the bingo card to win the game. Most often progressive jackpots are played in this bingo type.